Altium Designer Platform Extensions

Altium Designer Extensions add and improve the features and functionality of Altium Designer according to your specific needs. These extensions can easily be installed and configured, optimising your design environment and giving you extended capabilities.

The following extensions are a selection of an ever-increasing list of third-party add-ons to the core Altium Designer Suite. Some are made available free-of-charge to Subscription Customers, others are chargeable. Please feel free to make an enquiry and we shall be happy to provide you with further assistance.

 SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Interface

The SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Interface extension provides seamless access to SIMetrix Technologies' Software's popular Circuit Simulation package. SIMetrix/SIMPLIS is a combination of two independent circuit simulators: SIMetrix, a SPICE-based simulator with numerous enhancements including custom models for power transistor devices; and SIMPLIS, a fast simulator that uses piecewise linear approximations and includes useful analysis modes for switching power supply circuits.


Obtaining this extension

The SIMetrix/SIMPLIS extension is a free non-licensed extension and can be found under the DXP » Updates & Extensions menu


 Octopart Part Lookup

Having good component data front and centre during design time is critical in making good component and design choices for any design. Octopart aggregates and normalises rich supply chain data from more than 200 component distributors across the globe, creating a searchable catalogue of 30+ million components.


Obtaining this extension

The Octopart extension is a free non-licensed extension and can be found under the DXP » Updates & Extensions menu. Once installed Octopart will appear under the Installed Tab. A restart of Altium Designer is required for the installation to complete.

Desktop EDA

Altium Modeler for SolidWorks

This product provides a bi-directional interface between Altium Designer and SolidWorks. You can create a realistic 3D model of your PCB in SolidWorks using native SolidWorks parts. In addition, you can move Parts or edit the shape of the PCB in SolidWorks and have those changes reflected in PCB editor. This enables you to check for assembly problems such as misalignment of mounting holes or mechanical interference and correct them. This product enables you to detect design errors very early in the design process when it is very easy to correct them.

You can also start your PCB design in SolidWorks by defining the board shape, mounting hole locations and connector locations using the PCB Tools add-in then choose the new PCB from SolidWorks command in Altium Designer to automatically create the Altium PCB.


Obtaining this extension

Please contact Desktop EDA directly. For information on all Desktop EDA 3D Modelling solutions for Altium Designer users, click here.

 PDN Analyzer powered by CST®

Easily identify and resolve DC voltage and current density issues during your board layout process with an intuitive and easy-to-use PDN analysis tool. Quickly analyze every voltage on your board layout in Native 3D with an automated analysis setup, and see results at design time without ever interrupting your design workflow.

PDN Analyzer powered by CST® is available as an easy-to-install extension in your Altium Designer environment.

Flexible licensing options are available to accommodate your unique design environment needs:

  • Standalone License: Ideal for a single workstation and solo designer.

  • Floating License: Perfect for a growing design team that wants to share licenses.

  • On-Demand: Let us manage your licenses with the Altium On-demand license server


Obtaining this extension

For pricing information or to obtain a free 15-day trial, please use the enquiry form below.

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