University of Hertfordshire

Premier offers considerable support to UK educational establishments and provided over £2.1M-worth of Altium software, hardware and staff training to the University of Hertfordshire.

The University’s School of Engineering and Technology fully embraces this initiative and has made significant commitments to training academic staff and rewriting large parts of their curriculum.

Dr David Lauder provides an example: "With the new Altium software we are able to revise the manner in which we introduce our first year undergraduates to circuit simulation. This means that the students are able to build on their practical experience by using Altium tools throughout their entire course."

Electronic Engineering students from Foundation level all the way through to Final year have access to the software. Furthermore, they can install a full Altium Designer license on their own PCs making it free for them to use the software as and when needed for projects they are working on.

Head of School, Prof. Reza Sotudeh adds: "Altium Designer is such a wide ranging and widely used design tool; this will give our electronic engineering students the practical and hands-on experience needed when they enter the world of employment. I can also see the software being used across other engineering disciplines, showing the influence of electronics on mechanical, automotive and aerospace engineering projects."

The initiative also provides the University with a new teaching/research lab which includes Altium software, a number of Altium NanoBoard NB-3000s and USB JTAG Adaptors. This will further assist teaching and allow multi-themed, multi-discipline projects and a vastly increased array of technology available for research.

Phil Mayo, as a long-standing member of the University’s industrial advisory group, explains: "It is essential for modern universities to provide graduates with relevant job skills and the best way of doing that is for the University to have access to professional tools. So it makes perfect sense for us to provide the University of Hertfordshire with updated software and a brand-new System-on-Chip Laboratory."